Hans Ulrich Obrist: Morning Ritual

“I believe in the idea of rituals,” says indefatigable cultural innovator Hans Ulrich Obrist, who helps us into 2014 with his thoughts on routine while taking his daily run around London’s Hyde Park. “But rather than following existing rituals given to us by society, I believe in inventing our own.”

"Let me say, beautiful things are disappearing every day. I want to give it back. I want to say, don’t go too far, too easy―take it easy."

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So my MacBook and all final-year major project sketches/research/design were stolen from an IKEA car park 6 days before the end of design school…

Love Letter to Plywood By Tom Sachs

The Global Youth Wellbeing Index

The Index is designed to facilitate both thought and action by elevating youth needs and opportunities and young people’s participation on national and global agendas. 

We are young, creative, ambitious and peacefull. We value experience over consumerism and will take a work/life balance over climbing the corporate ladder. We are the largest youth generation in history and we are going to save the world.