Stop-Motion Animation Reveals the Insides of Objects Sanded Down Layer by Layer

'We spend a morning with the head chef of Koya Bar in Soho as she prepares her Japanese take on a fry up.' -

Tommorow Machine

"In a world where everything is in a perpetual state of flux, from the way you brush your teeth to the fastenings on your shoes, food packaging has stayed more or less the same. Sure, the crisp packets have gotten a bit fancier and pricey organic veg comes in marginally more environmentally friendly materials now, but on the whole food has been left far behind the crowd in terms of progression.

Meet Tomorrow Machine, the Swedish product design studio giving it a encouraging shove. Their ideas are so innovative that it’s almost difficult to believe they’re real; from packaging which perishes as the food it contains does, as in This Too Shall Pass, to plant pots that eliminate the need for watering, self-cleaning plates that actually work and food packaging that opens in the oven when the food inside it is ready to eat.”

'The very idea of ACRONYM rendered in physical, wearable form. A carefully balanced array of functional and aesthetic systems presented here in its 6th evolution. Asymmetric. Dynamic. ACRONYM among equals'

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