Love Letter to Plywood By Tom Sachs

The Global Youth Wellbeing Index

The Index is designed to facilitate both thought and action by elevating youth needs and opportunities and young people’s participation on national and global agendas. 

We are young, creative, ambitious and peacefull. We value experience over consumerism and will take a work/life balance over climbing the corporate ladder. We are the largest youth generation in history and we are going to save the world.

"In this exhibition, we tried to make a new story between a product and a space, We would like to create strange feelings with humour in an ordinary room" YOY co-founder Naoki Ono

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Where Architects Live

"New photography reveals the homes and workspaces of architects including Shigeru Ban, Zaha Hadid, David Chipperfield and Daniel Libeskind, ahead of an exhibition in Milan next month"

David Chipperfield’s place in Berlin is gorgeous. Zaha’s is so easily identifiable. 

"Inspiration is personal, it’s something as abstract as taste or color. It’s often concealed, yet again present and overwhelming. Whether it’s a random glimpse or a sophisticated pursuit of ideas, inspiration can be found anywhere. We like to trigger it by keeping our vision open at all time. There is a switch inside our brain that pushes us to constantly look, rather than seeing."

Mirador is the image hunting work of Say What Studio, graphic design duo based in Paris, France.

Unsplash is an invaluable resource of public domain (do whatever you want) photos. Perfect for use in design work. Worth bookmarking.